English to Italian Translator

Our top quality Italian translations have been accepted at all Italian Consulates and the Italian Embassy in the US, the High Court of Rome, the City Halls of Milan and Florence and the Italian Consulates in Singapore, Brussels and London. Our Italian translation services include:

  • Italian Translation of  Birth, Marriage, Death, Divorce Records and other Legal Documents if required
  • Word for Word Translation of the Original Documents
  • Translations Completed and Proof Read by Native Speakers of Italian with graduate degrees from Italian Universities
  • Confidential Treatment of all Documents
  • Reasonable Rates and Expedition Service

Translation Requirements-Italian Citizenship by Descent

In general, the Italian Consulates require that all U.S. Vital Records pertaining to you, your Italian ascendants, and birth certificates of your children under the age of 18 must be professionally translated into Italian. If you are divorced, your divorce certificate must be translated into Italian.  A few Italian Consulates in the US only require the applicant’s U.S. Vital Records to be translated. If you are not sure of the requirements for the Consulate Jurisdiction in which you reside, please contact us.

Italian/English translations being presented for citizenship purposes outside of the US may require that the translations be legalized with Apostille or by the Italian Consulate in the US and additional fees apply for legalizations. We ask that you verify the translation requirements for any Italian Jurisdiction outside of the US and contact us for a quote to have our translations legalized


Birth, marriage, death records 10 business days

Divorce records / legal records 15-21 days depending on page length

To order:  Complete Translation Order Forms C & G and follow instructions found in our PACKET* or click here to request a translation quote online.

Click here to read information regarding translation for Italian Citizenship through Marriage

* See our Refund / Cancellation Policy for more information.