Italian Birth, Marriage, & Death Records

In order to apply for Italian citizenship through your ancestor, you require a certified copy of their Italian birth certificate and the marriage certificate if married in Italy. Please note that the birth certificate of their spouse is required by many of the Italian Consulates in the US. We obtain vital records from all of the Italian Comuni. Our Procurement Specialists in Italy are in direct contact with the Italian Civil Records Officials. We provide courier services for records needed from Rome.

Requesting a Vital Record from Italy:

Certified Italian Vital Records are not available online. The Town Hall (Comune) keeps records of birth, marriage and death at the Ufficio dello Stato Civile (Office of Vital Records). The Registrar of the Vital Statistics Office of the Comune in which the event took place is responsible for preparing birth, marriage and death certificates from the civil registry records kept in the Town Archives. There is no regional office established that keeps these records. For example, if you need a birth certificate for an ancestor who was born in the town of Gizzeria, in the Province of Catanzaro, region of Calabria, you must obtain the document from the Comune of Gizzeria.

If you know the location and date of the birth, death or marriage of your ancestor, we can request the following Records from the Italian Comune:

  • Birth Certificates (Estratto di Nascita)
  • Marriage Certificates (Estratto di Matrimonio)
  • Death Certificates (Estratto di Morte)

Our service includes:

  • Preparation of the Vital Record request for the Town Registrar and submission through Posta Elettrica Certificato (Certified Email), email, or priority mail depending on the requirements of the Italian Vital Records Office
  • Unlimited follow-up contacts to the Italian Public Sources made by our Procurement Specialists in Italy, if needed, to obtain the research results and records, if located.
  • Documents are shipped to our US office via FedEx.
  • Documents received from Italy are reviewed by our US Office for accuracy then sent to you via priority mail (includes tracking).
  • Complimentary phone consultation upon conclusion of the research to discuss your next steps for Italian citizenship by descent.

Price: $140.00 per document

Timeline: The average time frame to receive Vital Records from Italy is 3-6 months. Additional time may be needed depending on the complexity of the research or the processing time of the Italian Comune.

How to order: This service is available to those who engage in an initial phone consultation so that we can determine the Italian vital records that will be needed for your application, confirm the Italian Municipality where the event(s) took place, and verify the Italian first and surname(s) of your Italian ancestor(s).  Your phone consultation can be booked and paid for at our website here:  Schedule Consultation

*See our Refund / Cancellation Policy for more information.