ICAP - Italian Dual Citizenship ServicesMany people are concerned with the high fees associated with hiring a private accompany to assist with their Italian citizenship application. Our professional fees are fair and reasonable and services are provided by highly skilled team members. It is our custom to charge a flat fee rather than an hourly rate so that clients are aware of the total cost in advance.

We accept major credit cards and we work to meet the financial needs of the client by providing payment plans so as to make our services more affordable.

First, schedule a telephone consultation so that we can verify your eligibility and discuss all of the documents that you will need for your application for Italian citizenship by descent. We will review any relevant documents that you already have during this initial meeting. After we verify your eligibility, we can tell you the work that is involved for your Italian citizenship application. We will explain all of your options to you, so you can make an informed decision and we can handle your application appropriately.

Second, we will prepare a customized quote with discounts for your specific case which will include a description of each service and the associated fees. If the quote is suitable for you then we will send the invoice and engagement letter to you for your electronic signature. Upon receipt of the signed documents we will begin work on your project. All quotes are valid for 30 days.

To schedule your consultation, click here. In the comment section indicate that you are interested in our Full Service Package.