How can you travel to Italy during the COVID pandemic? Where there’s a will there’s a way!

As Italy and other European Countries continue to restrict travel from the US (and certain other countries) depending on COVID 19 infection rates, travel to Italy from the US for tourism is prohibited. The restriction applies to anyone traveling to Italy directly from the US (except for those who are exempt such as for Italian citizens). Many people are wondering if they can enter Italy through one of the few EU countries which allow entry from the US, which are the UK, Ireland, Croatia and Slovenia with quarantine restrictions upon arrival. This is indeed possible and we can help you arrange travel into Italy through Britain!

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In addition to personalized private travel experiences, we also offer programmed group tours.

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    “I had my appointment today in Miami and I’m returning home with my passport in hand. I keep looking at it because this is so surreal for me. Now I need to get serious about learning the language and booking my first trip to find my family.
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    -Michele G., Canton, GA