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Our 45-minute initial phone consultation allows you the opportunity to discuss your application for Italian citizenship by descent, or by marriage, with an expert who will review your case and provide information on your eligibility and the specific application requirements. Following the consultation, you will receive a summary of the steps needed for you to proceed with your citizenship application.

The fee for the initial consultation is $120.00 to determine eligibility and discuss requirements for Italian citizenship by descent (USA and Italy), Italian citizenship through the female line (requiring a court case in Italy), and Italian citizenship through marriage. Discounts are available for individuals who place an order within 7 days of the consultation.

Please note that all information provided is informational based on the public guidelines of the Italian Government Sources and the feedback they provide us as well as our success in assisting clients prepare their applications. All final decisions regarding applications for Italian citizenship are made by the Italian Government. Refunds are not issued for cancelled or missed appointments.