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Italian Citizenship Assistance Program
Types of Italian Citizenship ApplicationsThere are many ways to obtain Italian Citizenship, and ICAP is here to help you understand the differences and determine which route is best for you!

The Many Paths to Italian Citizenship Services

Navigating the path to Italian citizenship by descent can be a detailed and complicated process, with various application routes available to explore. Understanding that each journey to citizenship is unique, we offer tailored support to navigate the multiple types of applications available.

Our expertise covers a range of case types, including consulate applications, direct applications in Italy, and legal proceedings within the Italian judicial system. Working with ICAP, you’ll receive personalized guidance to determine the most suitable application route based on your unique circumstances. Below, we will outline and describe the different types of cases, helping you grasp the options and make informed decisions about your journey to Italian dual citizenship.

Discover Which Type of Application is Right for You

Every journey to Italian dual citizenship is unique, and ICAP is here to guide you through the complexities of each application type. Reach out today or schedule a call to discover which pathway aligns with your situation and start your journey to becoming an Italian citizen.