Italian Dual Citizenship By Descent

Italian citizenship can be obtained by descent through either the maternal or paternal family line. We can help you determine if you are eligible for Italian citizenship and obtain and translate the required documents needed for your Italian dual citizenship application.

Italian Citizenship Through Marriage

Italian Dual Citizenship Through Marriage

Men and women can gain Italian citizenship if their spouse is an Italian citizen. If you live in Italy, you can apply for Italian citizenship after two years of marriage and if you live outside of Italy you can apply after three years. We can help you gather the documents needed and translate them into Italian for your application.

Italian Citizenship For Descendants Of Women

Italian Citizenship For Descendants Of Women

If a woman of Italian descent is born before January 1, 1948, she can pass on Italian citizenship to her children if they were born after January 1, 1948. At this time, gaining Italian citizenship through a female ancestor whose child was born before January 1, 1948 can only be done through an appeal filed in an Italian Court.

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Italian Citizenship Assistance Program

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Welcome to Italian Citizenship Assistance Program (ICAP), a Division of Bridging Worlds LLC, a US-based program that offers complete services for Italian Dual Citizenship. Established in 2007, we have assisted Americans of Italian descent residing in all Italian Consulate Jurisdictions of the US, as well as US citizens residing abroad, successfully prepare their Italian citizenship applications with ease and accuracy at affordable rates. Whether you are applying for Italian Dual Citizenship through an Italian ancestor (jus sanguinis) or through an Italian spouse, we can prepare your Italian citizenship application for you to present at the Italian Consulate or Embassy. Our goal is to help you obtain your Italian citizenship. Once you gain Italian citizenship, you can obtain an Italian passport through your Italian Consulate....

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