A male or female (foreign or stateless) spouse of an Italian citizen may apply for Italian citizenship after being married for two years if residing in Italy, or after three years from the date of marriage if he/she resides abroad, by presenting a request for naturalization accompanied by the following documents:

1) ITALIAN SPOUSE, if residing outside of Italy, must be registered at the A.I.R.E. department at the Italian Consulate or Embassy that has jurisdiction over the person’s place of legal residence.

2) ESTRATTO PER RIASSUNTO DELL’ATTO DI MATRIMONIO issued by the Italian Comune. Parties married outside of Italy who have not had their marriage certificate recorded in Italy by the Italian Consulate with territorial jurisdiction over their place of marriage, must present their certificate to the competent consular authority, requesting its registration in Italy, and subsequently obtain the “estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio” from the Comune, before presenting their application (please be aware that this may take a varying number of months, depending on the Consulate and on the Comune.

3) BIRTH CERTIFICATE of the applying spouse. If the applicant was born in the United States this must be a “certified copy” or “long form” or “full form”, with an “APOSTILLE” (a legalization issued by the Secretary of State), accompanied by a translation into Italian

4) CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP OF THE ITALIAN SPOUSE.  In the US the Italian Spouse accomplishes this by being registered at the Italian Consulate of legal residence.

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5A) “POLICE CLEARANCE” or “Certificate of criminal records,” issued by the central Authority of each State and Country of which the applicant has been a resident since the age of 14. The certificates must be originals, with APOSTILLES, accompanied by Translation into Italian.

5B) F.B.I. CLEARANCE (with required finger prints) with Translation into Italian. This document must be obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

6) An applicant who has resided in Italy for six months or more will also need to supply the following:

  • CERTIFICATO DEI CARICHI PENDENTI (Procura della Repubblica presso il Tribunale competente per il territorio di residenza)

Please Note: Police records must be dated no more than six months before application.

7)  Applicant’s VALID PASSPORT and photocopy (The copy will be certified by the Consulate).


1) As of August 1, 2015, new regulations have been promulgated in connection with the spousal citizenship application process. These regulations do not appear on the websites for all consulate jurisdictions at this time. However, we believe this process will be uniform and apply to all consulate jurisdictions. After August 1, 2015 all applications must be submitted online with digital copies of required documents to the Minestero dell’Interno. Applicants will then be contacted by the relevant consulate jurisdiction of an appointment date in which to appear at the consulate with the original documents. Please check with the Italian Consulate of the Jurisdiction where the Italian Spouse is registered for more information.

2) Documents issued in a country other than Italy or the US need to be legalized in accordance with the regulations existing in the country where they were issued and they must be accompanied by an official translation into Italian certified by the Italian diplomatic/consular authority with jurisdiction over the country in which they were issued.

3) Consular fees related to the application and to the certification of documents vary due to the fluctuation of the rate of exchange and to the number of documents to be certified.

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