Based on the Italian Nationality Laws, many American citizens of Italian descent are eligible for Italian dual citizenship and all the benefits that come with it. Many qualified citizens are either uninformed or find the procedure complicated. Bridging Worlds LLC – Italian Citizenship Assistance Program (ICAP), was established in 2007 to facilitate the process of acquiring Italian citizenship and to reconnect Italians of the diaspora to their roots. Mark Philip Masi (an Italian American) founded the company out of a genuine passion for helping other Italian Americans acquire dual citizenship and foster development in his ancestral country. That is why ICAP assists our clients in preparing their Italian dual citizenship applications for submission in the US and abroad, as well as in Italian citizenship courts and municipal authorities. Many of our clients have seized dual citizenship for the opportunity to travel, study, and live in the European Union as Italian citizens. Some have relocated and established thriving careers and businesses in Italy. Others have retired there which creates value for the Italian economy. In every case, we empower Italian Americans to rediscover their rich Italian heritage, access a world of opportunities, and fulfill their dreams.


Mission Statement

To provide an accessible channel for US citizens of Italian descent to obtain dual citizenship with Italy.



To offer Italian Americans the benefits of Italian citizenship and to bring back people of Italian descent to make positive contributions to Italy.


Our Core Values

Service: We consult with clients to understand their needs and leverage our expertise to help them achieve their objectives.

Integrity: We hold ourselves accountable, deliver on our promises, and strive to exceed clients’ expectations.

Commitment: We are committed to protecting the privacy of client information and always work in the best interest of our clients.

Teamwork: Our result-oriented service is driven by a team of professionals who trust, respect, and support one another.

Knowledge: As informed experts, we continuously update our knowledge to offer the best value in the face of changing policies.

Collaborations: To provide superior services to clients through collaboration with experts in Italian citizenship laws and relevant Italian agencies.


Why Choose Bridging Worlds, LLC?

Below are factors that help us deliver outstanding value to our clients.

  • Expert Legal Team: We work closely with a team of highly experienced Italian lawyers with expertise in Italian Nationality law.
  • Personalized Services: We make consultations and provide services tailored to the particular needs of each candidate.
  • Direct Application: Option to bypass proxies and submit applications directly to Italian municipalities in Milan, Bari, and Potenza.
  • Impressive Track Record: Since 2011, we have helped over 5,000 candidates secure Italian citizenship with a 100% success rate.
  • Cost-Efficiency: All our services are accessible at reasonable prices that guarantee outstanding value to customers.
  • Turnkey Solution: We provide comprehensive services covering all requirements for obtaining Italian citizenship by descent.
  • Flexibility: Customers can choose from service options that align with their budget and unique requirements.


Our Team

The service of Bridging Worlds, LLC is driven by a team of talented individuals in the United States. Their wealth of knowledge in customer service, document procurement, professional translation, and Italian citizenship laws foster our quality service delivery. The team is governed by active management led by Mark Philip Masi, the company’s CEO, Managing Partner and Adamo Petrucci Horn, CFO and Managing Partner.

Mark Philip Masi CEO and Managing Partner: Dr. Masi is a clinical psychologist who became inspired to help Italy out of concern over its zero-birth rate. Raised in a bilingual-cultural family, he felt led to help other Italian Americans obtain dual citizenship after successfully obtaining his Italian citizenship by descent which required surmounting some challenges with the Italian bureaucracy. As the team grew from 2 to 17 people, Dr. Masi transitioned from his private practice as a psychologist to full-time management of Bridging Worlds, LLC in his role as Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Masi is fluent in Italian and obtained the CILS-Certficazione in Italiano come Lingua Stranieri (Certification in Italian as a Foreign Language) by the University of Siena. The CILS is recognized by the Italian government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Adamo Petrucci Horn CFO and Managing Partner: Adamo joined the ICAP team as Director of Business Development during the COVID Pandemic bringing his skills and experience in Financial Analysis, Enterprise Resource Planning, Intelligent Process Automation, and Data Modeling. As a result of his passion for the company mission and his success in expanding the company’s operation he became a Managing Partner and Member of the company while assuming the role as Chief Financial Officer.  Adamo is a first-generation Italian American and brings his knowledge of Italian culture to ICAP.

Meet Our Team Members:

Sharon Acquaro received a degree in Law at the University of Bari (Italy), “Aldo Moro,” and completed her internship at “Avvocatura Distrettuale dello Stato di Bari.” In addition to her previous work as a lawyer, she was assigned as “Cultore della Materia” in the Department of “Penal Law, Penal Procedure and Philosophy of Law “at the same University.  She has also authored several chapters published in Italian Law Manuals.  In addition to her law degree, Sharon has a Master’s in “Conciliation & Mediation.” Sharon was instrumental in establishing our Apply in Italy Program in the Comune of Legnano where she serves as Program Manager

Eric Bengel obtained his Certificate in American Genealogical Studies from the National Genealogical Society and his Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic.  His duties include conducting preliminary Italian and US Genealogical research for clients that are unsure about their family background.  Eric enjoys traveling to Italy to visit his family and is actively learning the Italian language. His greatest joy is when a hard to find document has been recovered and the process of dual Italian citizenship can progress.

Lisa Calderaro graduated with honors from Loyola University where she studied Italian language and literature, earning her bachelor’s degree in Communications. Lisa has an extensive work history in program coordination for the Catholic Church as well as the marketing of consumer products. She has experience in video production, social media marketing and website design, Lisa is very proud of her Italian heritage, spending much of her free time researching her own Italian lineage and traveling to trace those paths. Lisa is a case consultant at ICAP and she conducts both preliminary eligibility screening and formal consultation for Italian citizenship by descent.

Claudia Croci Candiani received her bachelor’s degree in Interpreting and Communication and is currently studying for her master’s degree in Conference Interpreting at IULM University in Milan. She is employed at an Italian Law Firm which has an affiliate agreement with ICAP to provide translations of documents to be used in the Italian Courts.  She is happy to be able to help others connect to their Italian heritage.

Kiana Petrucci Hornis currently an arts student at Elgin Community College. She is a first-generation Italian American that feels strongly connected to her heritage and would like to bring the Italian community together through multiple social platforms. Kiana obtains knowledge and skills in branded content through social media, marketing, and communication. Her duties include facilitating growth and development of ICAP by utilizing social media platforms to inform clients about Italy and establishing partnerships with organizations.

Shelley Jackson received her undergraduate degree from the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, a masters degree from Temple University, and two years of study at the Centro Universale di Bel Canto (CUBEC) in Modena. She is responsible for procuring US naturalization records, as well as consulting clients on  next step procedures for obtaining Italian citizenship by descent. Shelley obtained her dual citizenship with Italy through jure sanguinis in December 2020, and enjoys helping others achieve the same dream.

Yuliia Karuntu brings over 10 years of customer service experience to ICAP and has been dedicated to teaching the Italian language since 2017. From Milan, Yuliia’s linguistic capabilities extend to five languages. In her role as a Case Manager, she diligently guides clients through the intricate process of obtaining Italian dual citizenship.

Isabella Loparco graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish language and literature, complemented by a double minor in Italian Language and Latino studies. Her leadership credentials include serving as president of La Tavola Italian club during her university tenure. With a deep-rooted love for her Italian heritage, Isabella is actively engaged with the Italian community in the Chicagoland area. She also serves as a board member of Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America® (OSDIA) for the Grand Lodge of Illinois and Wisconsin. In her current role as a Case Manager at ICAP, Isabella assists clients by determining their eligibility and offering consultation throughout the application process.

Pablo Josè Lorenti works as an expert in obtaining birth, marriage, and death records according to the guidelines of the Italian registry offices and communicates effectively with Registrars and Vital Records at Italian Town Halls throughout Italy on behalf of our clients. He is also skilled in working with State and Regional Archives as well as churches in Italy when records are not located at the Municipal level.  Mr. Lorenti, has dual citizenship with Italy and Argentina, having been born in Argentina of Italian parents, and he currently resides in Italy.

Michael Cozzarelli McCann is the welcoming face and skilled intake specialist at ICAP. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he holds a degree in International Studies and a minor in Italian language and literature. Michael’s passion for Italian culture was further nurtured during a semester of study abroad in Florence, Italy. As a New Jersey native, Michael hails from a close-knit Italian-American family with deep roots in their heritage. His prior experience in sales and account management equips him with the skills to assist new clients at ICAP efficiently and effectively. Michael is dedicated to ensuring that clients have a seamless experience as they embark on their journey to obtain dual Italian citizenship. His commitment to helping individuals connect with their Italian ancestry shines through his role at ICAP.

Giuseppe Panza is a skilled Italian attorney who has been in private practice in Bari and has experience in working with both the court and Municipality in Bari. Giuseppe oversees our Apply in Italy Program in Bari and also represents our clients in seeking citizenship through the Italian judicial system due to Italian consulate appointments times longer than two years.

Serena Petrone is a highly qualified Italian teacher who, prior to joining ICAP, taught Italian for several years in London and in Italy. She earned her degree in Foreign Languages from the University of Fisciano in Salerno, Italy, and subsequently received both the International House Certificate in teaching Italian for teaching adults, and the DILS- PG Certificate in teaching Italian as a foreign language, form the University of Perugia. Serena loves teaching and she can adapt her lessons according to your needs and goals. She is a resident of Salerno, Italy which is also her native city.

Adriana Romano Pompei graduated with a Master’s Degree in Asian Languages and Culture at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice and obtained her Bachelor Degree in Comparative Studies from the Orientale University in Naples, Italy. To nourish her love for languages, Adriana studied extensively abroad and eventually moved to Chicago. She worked at the Italian Consulate first, then as a translator and a Localization Project Manager. Adriana is currently a Case Manager, putting her expertise in managing complex projects and her knowledge of the consulate common practices at the service of her clients applying for Italian citizenship.

Tatiana Ranallo is a graduate of St. Edwards Central Catholic High School, Elgin, IL and a first-generation Italian American.  Her  commitment is to deepen her own affinity for her Italian heritage as well as that of the clients with whom she interacts with at ICAP.  A result oriented individual, Tatiana has significant experience in customer service and has developed a strong foundation in interpersonal skills, communication, organization, and leadership.  Her responsibilities at ICAP include managing Apostille orders to ensure successful completion, advising clients when orders are concluded and facilitating their next step consultations, and organizing in-office client documents.

Bella Serini received her law degree from the Universita’ degli Studi di Bari (Italy) in 2005 and subsequently completed her JD from Fondazione Scuola Forense Barese (Italy) in 2008.  Passionate for law, she worked for several years at an Italian law firm where her duties included courtroom assistance, law research, and preparation of legal documents. In addition to her legal work, she also served as a volunteer teacher at a Catholic Elementary school in Bari (Congregazione delle Suore dello Spirito Santo, Villa Madre Arcucci). Upon moving to the US she completed Academic Advanced ELS at College of DuPage (USA) in 2012, and worked as an interpreter for The Language Labs – Westmont, IL.  Bella provides our clients with legal translations of divorce records, criminal background checks, and other court records.

Stefano Sessa completed his studies in Literature and Philosophy at the Federico II University in Naples and participated in an Erasmus project in a marvelous city in the Eastern Germany: Dresden. Fluent in English, he was instrumental in developing our “Apply in Italy Program” and serves as our consultant in coordinating this program. He also provides professional translation and procurement of Italian civil records.

Barbara Tomasina received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Milan and has several years of work experience as an administrative assistant and account manager in both Italy and the US. Her responsibilities include Case Management, creating and coordinating work orders for our Italian vital record and translations services, communication with collaborators in Italy, liaison with Italian consulates and Ministry, general filing and clerical duties.

Danila Trapassoreceived her degree in Business Administration from the University of Calabria in 2019.  Danila worked many years as an administrative assistant and accountant, and she has significant experience in working with Public Office. A resident of Catanzaro, Italy, Danila uses her business skills in obtaining Italian birth, marriage, and death records from the Italian Town Halls and Regional Archives throughout Italy on behalf of our clients.

Franchesca Werden is a professional genealogist with over thirty years of experience doing Italian research. She holds a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University. Franchesca began tracing her own Italian family as a teenager after listening to her nonna’s stories about the “old country”. She has extensive experience with both Italian civil and parish records. As an ICAP Team Member, Franchesca provides research of Italian civil records of birth, marriage and death as well as US naturalization and  immigration research.