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Securing Your Passport While Travelling - Italian Citizenship Assistance Program

Securing Your Passport While Traveling

Your Passport gives you the privilege and freedom to explore the world. It is the international traveler’s best friend when leaving the country and an important form of identification in foreign nations. A lost or stolen passport can be a major disaster and will not only ruin your vacation, but can also be costly to replace. With that in mind, here are a few tips to keep your passport safe while traveling.

  • Make at least 3 copies of your passport that include your photo, number, and expiration date. Pack one in your carry on to keep it with you throughout the flight and in your hand bag or travel pack, etc, while you are about town for easy access. Keep one with a trusted family member or friend here in the USA. Keep the last one in your home in an accessible area in case someone needs to retrieve it for you.
  • Always keep your original passport handy while in route, i.e. airplane, train, boarding ship with a pen to fill out documents. You will also need your original passport for customs and security areas. Never pack your passport in checked luggage or bag.
  • While traveling abroad you may want to have a money belt under your clothes and keep your passport in there for safe keeping. Never wear a back pack in a train or bus station, they are notorious for pickpockets. When carrying your passport in a handbag or cross body bag, always keep it under your coat or clutched under your arm in public transit areas.
  • Always keep your passport in your hotel in the room safe with your other valuables and medication when traveling.
  • Never give your passport information to random tour guides or drivers. Ask your travel agent, the hotel front desk, or a personal concierge for reputable tours.
  • Contact the nearest embassy or consulate if you lose your passport or if it is stolen.