Due to the increased volume of requests for Italian citizenship “by descent,” appointment times at most of the Italian Consulates in the US currently range from 1-6+ years depending upon the jurisdiction. Many of our clients have asked if there is a way to expedite this process. In most cases, a quicker method to obtain Italian citizenship by descent is to submit your application in Italy. Although this method is fast and efficient once all documents have been obtained in proper format and analyzed by the Italian Municipality where the application will be submitted, the Italian laws must be carefully followed to ensure compliance. Our services are designed in accordance with Italian laws and circulares as they pertain to applying for citizenship by descent in Italy.

For our full service clients, we offer a network of locations available in both the northern and southern regions of Italy and we assist with the following:

  • Initial phone consultation to assess and summarize your specific case in order to confirm your eligibility and determine the documents needed for your application. Based on this consultation, we will provide a step by step action plan to apply for Italian citizenship in Italy.
  • Obtain all US and Italian documents in proper format as required for your Italian citizenship application
  • Review all documents to identify name and/or date discrepancies that may exist within the documents, submit copies of your documents to our collaborators in Italy for analysis at the Italian Municipality where the application will be presented
  • how-to-apply-in-italy-for-citizenshipAssist you in remediation after the document analysis, if needed
  • Authenticate all US documents with Apostille for use in Italy
  • Provide legal translations of all US documents
  • UPS shipment of your documents to our Italian collaborator(s)

Once your documentation has been prepared, analyzed and finalized for application, we will facilitate your referral to our collaborators in Italy who will provide you with the following services:

  • Planning your arrival and itinerary in Italy
  • Secure your private rental accommodations in an authentic Italian town including your own kitchen, bathroom, utilities and amenities
  • Assistance establishing your legal residency in the Italian town by scheduling required appointments, accompanying you to appointments, and interpreting on your behalf
  • italian-dual-citizenshipSchedule and accompany you to your citizenship appointment at the Italian Town Hall
  • Follow up with the Italian Town Hall and Italian consulate on your behalf until your application is completed
  • Upon recognition of your Italian citizenship by descent, assist you in registration at A.I.R.E. at the Italian Consulate where you have legal residence
  • Help you obtain your Italian passport (you may apply at the Italian consulate where you are registered or return to Italy and apply with us for your passport)

Are you unable to travel to Italy to apply for your Italian citizenship by descent? We have another alternative to accelerate the application process.  Pursuant to Article 3 of the President of the Republic’s Decree no. 362/1994, the entire process for obtaining Italian dual citizenship by descent cannot take longer than 730 days and applicants have the right to intervene or have someone intervene on their behalf. Lawyers have successfully argued in the Italian courts that the long wait times at the Italian consulates are a violation of applicants’ rights and the judges have granted the Italian citizenship by descent to the petitioner.

If you have an appointment with an Italian consulate that is scheduled for more than 730 days in the future, we can help you submit your application to the Italian courts and thus speed up the process for you. We have an affiliate agreement with an experienced Italian law firm in Rome that can help you obtain your Italian dual citizenship by filing your petition for Italian citizenship at the Civil Court in Rome.  You are not required to appear in court for the proceeding.

We can collect all necessary documents needed for the court proceeding, conduct document analysis together with the law firm, provide legalized translations for the court, serve as the liaison between you and the law firm, and then ship all documents to the law firm for trial upon your retainment of their legal services.

The first step in either process is to schedule a phone consultation to determine your eligibility to apply in Italy for Italian citizenship by descent, review the documents that will be needed for court,  and to provide you with a personalized project proposal including a step by step action plan and customized quote. The fee for the 45-minute phone consultation is $120.00 which will be applied to your quote if you choose our full-service package. Click here to Schedule Your Appointment today!

For general questions about the Apply in Italy services, contact our Program Coordinator at