Professional Services You Can Trust!

We guarantee professional services to help you prepare your Italian citizenship application according to the published guidelines of the Italian government sources. All of your documents are kept strictly confidential.

Many people are concerned with the high fees associated with hiring a private accompany to assist with their applications. Our professional fees are fair and reasonable and services are provided by highly skilled team members. It is our custom to charge a flat fee rather than an hourly rate so that clients are aware of the total cost in advance.

Telephone Consultation

We provide a 45 minute phone consultation designed to answer all of your questions regarding eligibility requirements and documents needed for Italian citizenship by descent or through marriage in a clear, succinct manner. The helpful information that you will receive will enable you to move forward in the Italian citizenship application process with clarity and confidence. A summary of the consultation is provided for you after your consultation. Discounts are available for individuals who place an order within 7 days of the phone consultation.

Fee: $120.00

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Naturalization Record Search of Italian Ancestor

In adherence to the guidelines outlined by the Italian Consulate, our search for your ancestor’s Naturalization Records is submitted to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) – Homeland Security to obtain Official Reproductions of the Naturalization Records, or Official Statement of Non-Existence of Records from USCIS in Washington, D.C., the National Archives, and State and County Courts. A search and review of the 1910, 1920, and 1930 U.S. Census Reports and a search for Alien Files are conducted in order to verify your ancestor’s non-naturalization status in the event that he/she never became a US citizen. We are experts in working with the government sources in researching and obtaining the records that you need.

Fee: $375.00 and includes research time, email and phone contact with Government Archives, Government fees for research, reproduction and certification of documents, and priority mailing of documents to you upon conclusion of the project. Discounts are available for individuals who place an order within 7 days of the phone consultation.

Time frame: 30 days to 9 months depending on the complexity of the project. Some projects could take longer depending upon the location of the archived records.

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Italian Vital Record Procurement

We procure Italian Birth, Marriage and Death Records from Towns and Municipalities throughout Italy. We are extremely successful in working with the Italian Civil Records Offices in all regions of Italy. We are also able to search local and Regional Archives if records are not available at the Comune.

Fee: $140.00 per birth and marriage record request. The price includes preparation of your record request to the Italian Public Source, follow-up contacts by our Procurement Specialists in Italy, if needed (calls, faxes and/or emails to complete your order), obtainment of the birth/marriage or death certificate or statement of no records found, priority shipment of records to our US office, and to your home address upon receipt. Discounts are available for individuals who place an order within 7 days of the phone consultation.

Time frame:  3 months to 6 months depending upon the complexity of the research and the processing time of requests at the Italian civil records office.

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Italian Translation

We provide professional translation of all documents required for dual citizenship.

Fees: $65.00 per page for birth and marriage certificates and $75.00 for death certificates.

Translations of legal documents such as divorce or adoption records and criminal background checks are quoted upon review. The fee includes word for word translation of the original documents and proofreading by professional translators by professional translators who are native speakers of Italian with graduate degrees from Italian universities

Time frame: Birth, marriage, death records typically require 10-15 business days; divorce, adoption, criminal background checks typically require 15 business days.

To order: You can click here to request a translation quote online or contact us to request our translation order forms.

US Document Procurement

We can obtain birth, marriage, death, divorce records, and criminal background checks from all 50 states in the format required by the Italian Government and necessary for Apostille. Procurement of US civil records, criminal background checks, and subsequent authentication of the documents with Apostille is limited to our full service clients and our clients who are applying for Italian citizenship through a spouse. The service begins with a phone consultation to discuss your application and eligibility.

For clients who choose to obtain their own documents Apostille services are available when ordered together with translations.

Each US document and Apostille Agency charges a specific fee for these services, which typically ranges from $5.00 to $50.00 per document and per Apostille. ICAP charges a Processing Fee which covers a variety of services including application preparation and filing, secure online ordering and electronic payment processing when available, money orders, postage, order tracking, customer support, identity verification and authentication and direct communication with government agencies on your behalf.

Full Service/Italian Citizenship through marriage

Fee: $80.00 is the price for the initial phone consultation for full services for Italian citizenship by descent (including court cases for applying through female ancestors) and for citizenship through marriage. This includes case review to verify your eligibility for Italian citizenship by descent or through marriage, and to identify the documents needed for the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction over the State/County where you have legal residence or the Court of Rome for via materna (descendants of women) cases. Following your consultation you will receive a written summary of the consultation and quote for services.

Time frame: Varies depending on State from which the documents will be ordered. The estimated timeframe will be provided with your quote.

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Apostille & Translation of civil records

Fee: $150.00 to review your documents to ensure that they are in proper format for Apostille and to verify that you have all documents needed for your Italian citizenship application. Standard prices for translations apply; the price for the Apostille varies from State to State. Contact us to receive a quote for Apostille and translation.

Time frame: Varies depending on the State Apostille unit(s) that will be authenticating the documents. Estimated time frame of completion will be included in your Quote.

* See our Refund / Cancellation Policy for more information.