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We guarantee professional services to help you prepare your Italian citizenship application according to the published guidelines of the Italian government sources. All of your documents are kept strictly confidential.

We recognize you might be concerned with the fees associated with hiring a private accompany to assist with your application. Our professional fees are fair and reasonable, and services are provided by highly skilled team members. It is our custom to charge a flat fee for each service, rather than an hourly rate, so that clients are aware of the total cost in advance.

Telephone Consultation

We provide a 1 hour phone consultation designed to answer all of your questions regarding eligibility requirements and documents needed for Italian citizenship by descent in a clear, succinct manner. The helpful information that you will receive will enable you to move forward in the Italian citizenship application process with clarity and confidence. A summary of the consultation is provided for you after your consultation.

Fee: $120.00

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Naturalization Record Search of Italian Ancestor

In adherence to the guidelines outlined by the Italian Consulate, our search for your ancestor’s Naturalization Records is submitted to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) – Homeland Security to obtain Official Reproductions of the Naturalization Records, or Official Statement of Non-Existence of Records from USCIS in Washington, D.C., the National Archives, and State and County Courts. A search and review of the 1910, 1920, 1930, and 1940 US Census Reports and a search for Alien Files are conducted in order to verify your ancestor’s non-naturalization status in the event that he/she never became a US citizen. We are experts in working with the government sources in researching and obtaining the records that you need.

Fee: $320.00 The service includes research time, email and phone contact with Government Archives, Government fees for record  research, reproduction and certification, and priority mailing of documents to you upon conclusion of the project. Complimentary phone consultation is provided upon conclusion of the research to discuss your next steps for Italian citizenship by descent.  There is an additional government charge of $130.00 to reproduce these documents.

Time frame: Approximately 30 days to 6 months. Additional time may be needed depending on the complexity of the research and processing time at the US government sources.

This service is available for individuals who engage in an initial phone consultation. The phone consultation will assist in determining preliminary information regarding the naturalization status of your Italian ancestor.

Italian Vital Record Procurement

We procure Italian Birth, Marriage and Death Records from Towns and Municipalities throughout Italy. We are extremely successful in working with the Italian Civil Records Offices in all regions of Italy. We are also able to search local and Regional Archives if records are not available at the Comune.

Fee: $140.00 per birth and marriage record request. The price includes preparation of your record request to the Italian Public Source, follow-up contacts by our Procurement Specialists in Italy, if needed (calls, faxes and/or emails to complete your order), obtainment of the birth/marriage or death certificate or statement of no records found, priority shipment of records to our US office, and to your home address upon receipt. Complimentary phone consultation upon conclusion of the research to discuss your next steps for Italian citizenship by descent.  There is an additional $10.00 mailing fee for these documents.

Time frame:  3 months to 6 months depending upon the complexity of the research and the processing time of requests at the Italian civil records office.

This service is available to individuals who engage in an initial phone consultation. The consultation allows us to ensure that we have all information needed to successfully obtain the Italian vital record(s) of your ancestor(s).

US Vital Record Procurement

We can prepare your applications for US birth, marriage, death, divorce records, for your submission to the relevant Civil Records Offices. The service includes selection and compilation of the proper application forms to ensure that you order the records in proper format for the Italian Consulate and for Apostille authentication.

Fee: $80.00 per record. The service includes research time, email and phone contact with Government Sources to ensure that the proper application forms are selected for purposes of dual citizenship with Italy, application compilation with detailed filing instructions for submitting the record applications to the civil records offices.  A complimentary phone consultation is provided upon conclusion of the research to discuss your next steps for Italian citizenship by descent.  This service does not include government fee for record reproduction.

Time frame: We will have the compiled application forms and filing instructions to you within 10 business days from receipt of payment. Our records specialist will include the current Government processing time for the records that you are ordering in your filing instructions.

Italian Genealogy Research

Our Italian genealogy services are designed to help you locate historical records of your ancestors when you are missing information needed to order the official civil records directly from the Vital Records Office in Italy, or to adequately research naturalization records form the US Government Offices.  You will receive a research report and a detailed summary of the results with copies of reproductions of all records relevant to your ancestor that will allow us to then order the civil record that you need. A complimentary phone consultation is provided upon completion of the project to discuss the report and your next steps in obtaining certified copies of the records located.

Fee: The costs are contingent upon the complexity of the project and the information that you have available and can be determined during your telephone consultation or, for existing clients, by your case manager.

Time frame: 30 – 60 days depending upon the complexity of the project

Document Analysis

The goal of this service is to render our professional opinion regarding the sufficiency of the documents that have been gathered for your Italian citizenship application. Our analysis is designed to ensure that all required records for the respective Italian Consulate in the US are present and in proper format for Apostille and identify any discrepancies or issues that could require remediation or additional documentation. Documents for “via materna” court cases are reviewed by the representing law firm and documents to be submitted for our Apply in Italy program are reviewed in Italy.  A written summary with recommendations is provided.  A 20-minute phone consultation is provided to review the summary and answer any questions you may have.


United States Consulate Cases – $50.00 per document in application

Apply in Italy & Court Cases in Italy – $60.00 per document in application

Italian Translation

We provide professional translation of all documents required for dual citizenship.

Fees: $65.00 per page for birth and marriage certificates and $75.00 for death certificates.

Translations of legal documents such as divorce or adoption records and criminal background checks are quoted upon review. The fee includes word for word translation of the original documents and proofreading by professional translators by professional translators who are native speakers of Italian with graduate degrees from Italian universities.

Time frame: Birth, marriage, death records typically require 10-15 business days; divorce, adoption, criminal background checks typically require 15 business days.

To order: This service is available for those who engage in document analysis which is needed to confirm that all records are in proper format for the consulate prior to translation. Please see the details below for details on our document analysis service.

US Apostille Procurement

We can obtain Apostille on birth, marriage, death, divorce records, naturalization records, and criminal background checks from all 50 states.  The service includes examination of the documents to ensure that they are in proper format for the Italian Consulate and for Apostille authentication, submission of application to the Government Source, follow-up, and filing fees.

Our Apostille service is provided in conjunction with translation orders and begins with a document analysis. The document analysis ensures the records you have obtained are in the proper format. For information on document analysis please see the Document Analysis section on this page. Quotes and Time Frames for Apostille are included in the Document Analysis Report.

Consulate Appointments

We can advise you on how to book your appointment at the Italian Consulate and assist in helping you be well prepared for your citizenship meeting at the Consulate.  Offering services to schedule appointments at the Italian Consulate by agencies or third parties is prohibited under Italian Law.

The following warning has been issued by the Italian Government and is posted on many of the Italian Consulate websites: “Please note that the booking service is free of charge. Whoever makes appointments on behalf of others charging a fee must be reported to this Consulate General and legal actions will be taken against him/her.”

For additional information on booking an appointment click the link for the website address for your Italian Consulate.

Italian Language Lessons Online

Learn Italian from home or anywhere you can connect to the internet! Your private instructor will work with you to develop a personalized learning plan according to your level of Italian: We offer beginning through advanced language lessons and preparation for the CILS exam.

Each course includes 10 lessons, and each lesson is 1 hour. Your first lesson will include an assessment of your Italian language knowledge by your instructor to confirm that you are placed in the correct course.

Fee: $750

Estimated fee of course materials: $60

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Italy Travel Tours

In partnership with a premiere travel company we offer custom travel tours throughout Italy! Our travel consultant will custom craft your desired destinations in Italy and make your dreams trip a reality. Start packing, make new memories and find your Italy now!

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