ICAP Geanology

Our genealogist specializes in Italian civil registry and US naturalization research

Italian Civil Records

Our Italian genealogy services are designed to help you locate historical records of your ancestors when you are missing information needed to order the official civil records directly from the Vital Records Office in Italy, or when the Italian Vital Records Office is unable to locate a record for an event that was thought to have occurred within their municipality. You will receive a research report and a detailed summary of the results with copies of reproductions of all records relevant to your ancestor that will allow us to then order the civil record that you need.

The following resources are utilized in our Italian Civil Record Research

  • Italian State Archives birth, marriage, and death records
  • Ship manifests
  • Obituaries
  • US census records
  • US naturalization records
  • US birth, marriage, and death certificates

US Naturalization Records Research

This genealogy search is designed for our clients who do not have the information needed to verify the naturalization status of your Italian ancestor.  You will receive a research report, and a detailed summary at the end of the project along with copies of records located which will aid us in obtaining the official record reproductions or certificate of non-existence of naturalization records from the US Department of Homeland Security.

The following documents are searched for during the naturalization record search:

  • US passenger arrival records
  • US census records
  • WWI & WWII Military Registrations
  • US Passport Applications
  • Naturalization Declarations of Intention, Petition for Naturalization & Naturalization Index Cards
  • Newspaper articles

Examples of Italian civil records and US naturalization records

Example Italian Birth Record
Example US Naturalization Record

During our work with you as a client we will help you determine if a genealogy project is needed in order to obtain the records that you need for your Italian citizenship application. If you would like to discuss a genealogy research project with us please schedule a consultation with us today.