Applying in Italy for Italian Citizenship by Descent

Due to the increased volume of requests for Italian citizenship through an Italian ancestor, “by descent,” appointment times at most of the Italian Consulates in the US currently range from 1-2 years.  Many of our clients have asked if there is any way to speed up the process. The quickest way to obtain Italian citizenship by descent is to apply in Italy. In addition to saving you time, you will have the additional luxury of a vacation in the homeland of your Italian ancestors.

Step 1: Contact us for a phone consultation. We will verify your eligibility for Italian citizenship by descent, review the required documents for applying in Italy, examine records that you already have, and determine which are still needed. We will also discuss with you our Standard and Premium Packages. Our goal is for you to have a complete application when you arrive in Italy.

Step 2: The Civil Records Offices of three Italian Municipalities have agreed to accept our clients’ applications for Italian citizenship by descent and have committed to schedule applications appointments within three weeks of client arrival. The Municipalities are located within the provinces of Roma (Lazio), Potenza (Basilicata), and Catanzaro, Calabria. Our collaborators at each location are fluent in English and will assist you with all matters throughout your stay in in the idyllic towns, including airport transportation, house rental, establishing residency, scheduling your citizenship appointment, and accompanying you to the appointment to serve as a translator.

Upon your package selection, you will receive a quote and engagement letter. We will then obtain the required US and Italian documents and have them analyzed at the Civil Records Office in Italy. If the analysis indicates that no remediation is needed, then the  Apostille and translate all US documents is completed. If the analysis results in any need for remediation we sill furnish you with the written feedback and assist you in successfully completing the remediations before proceeding with Apostille and certified translations.   Once all documents are ready we will confirm your travel dates to Italy, and put you in contact with our collaborator who will assist you in all matters regarding your stay in Italy.

Step 3: Arrange accommodations and itinerary through our collaborator in Italy. Once you arrive in the town you will be escorted by our collaborator to your “new home” which is a fully furnished 1 or 2 bedroom apartment depending upon your selection.  During the next week,  our collaborator will facilitate the establishment of  your residency and will assist you in filling out all the necessary forms needed for registering you at the Town Hall.

Step 4: After your residency is registered with the town, our collaborator will arrange your appointment at the Town Hall for you to present your documents for recognition of Italian citizenship by descent, accompany you to your appointment and interpret (as needed) while the town officials examine the documents.  Throughout your stay, our collaborators will be available to assist you with any needs. Your appointment at the Town Hall will occur within 3 weeks of your arrival.

Step 5:  Once your application has been reviewed and approved by the town official, a request is sent to the competent Italian Consulate where your ancestor resided in the US to verify that your ancestor had never renounced Italian citizenship before the Italian Government.  You are free to continue traveling on your own in Italy or return to the US to wait for your citizenship notification. You are free to continue your stay in Italy or return to the US while the Municipality awaits the reply from the Italian Consulate. We will then continue to manage the process on your behalf.

Step 6: Once the application is completed the Municipality will issue your certificate of Italian citizenship or Italian identity card as well as transcription of your birth certificate so that you can then register at the competent Italian Consulate of the jurisdiction in which you reside (US or abroad).

Standard Package

  • Obtain documents needed for your citizenship application and Italian translations of your US documents for use in Italy
  • Transportation to and from selected Italian Town
  • Private accommodations in a single dwelling home in authentic Italian town
  • Facilitate your temporary residency in Italy required for your application
  • Schedule your citizenship appointment at the Comune/Town Hall​
  • Accompanying you to your citizenship application  at the Town Hall to interpret on your behalf
  • Provide assistance for non-emergency and emergency situation
  • Follow up with the Italian Comune and Italian consulate on your behalf
  • Assistance in enrolling in A.I.R.E. once you are recognized a citizen

*additional trips in Italy can be arranged by our collaborator price to be determined based upon your desired itinerary

First, schedule a telephone consultation so that we can verify your eligibility and discuss all of the documents that you will need for your application to apply in Italy for Italian citizenship by descent. We will review any relevant documents that you already have during this initial meeting. After we verify your eligibility, we can tell you the work that is involved for your Italian citizenship application. We will explain all of your options to you, so you can make an informed decision and so that we can handle your application appropriately.

Second, we will prepare a quote customized for your specific case which will include a description of each service and the associated fees and provide you with photos of the apartment rental. If the quote is suitable for you we will send the invoice with specified payment installments and an engagement letter to you for your electronic signature. Upon receipt of the signed documents we will begin work on your project. All quotes are valid for 30 days.

To schedule your consultation click here . In the comment section specify that you are interested in our Apply in Italy Program.

Not able to apply in Italy? If you cannot travel to Italy for your application and an appointment at the Consulate cannot be made for 2+ years, our attorney affiliates in Italy can petition the civil court to review and grant Italian citizenship by descent. You do not need to attend the court proceeding. For more information, contact us today, please specify in your message “jure sanguinis court case in Italy.”