Our top quality Italian translations have been accepted at all Italian Consulates and the Italian Embassy in the US, the High Court of Rome, the City Halls of Milan and Florence and the Italian Consulates in Singapore, Brussels and London. Our Italian translation services include:

  • Italian Translation of  Birth, Marriage, Death, Divorce Records and other Legal Documents if required
  • Word for Word Translation of the original documents
  • Translations Completed and Proofread by native speakers of Italian with graduate degrees from Italian universities
  • Confidential treatment of all documents
  • Reasonable rates and timely completion

Standard Fees: 65.00 per one page birth/marriage/criminal background checks; 75.00 per death certificate; 70.00 per page divorce records

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Please note: If you did not obtain the documents to be translated through ICAP it is your responsibility to verify that the documents to be translated are in the format required by the Italian Government Source where they will be filed. We are not able to provide feedback on documents that have not been obtained by ICAP.