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Italian Citizenship Assistance Program

Advantages of Italian Dual Citizenship for Young Adults

Study Abroad

When I was 21, I made the decision to study abroad in Italy for 3 months through a program at my university. The trip started in Bologna, Italy, where 10 other students and myself immersed ourselves in Italian culture through language classes, city exploration, and living like locals. After the program ended, I spent the remaining time in Italy meeting family, delving into my family history, and traveling throughout the country. This experience ignited my interest in pursuing my Italian Dual citizenship. Many of our clients begin their citizenship journey after meaningful experiences like mine. My time abroad deepened my connection to my Italian heritage and allowed me to gain a better understanding of the culture and country of my ancestors. Many students who want to continue their education and experience living abroad opt to obtain dual citizenship in order to study in a new country.

Career Decision and Personal Expansion

For many young Italian Americans like myself, hard work has been instilled in us since a young age. When I began searching for a job before graduating college, I found ICAP. Shortly after working for this company, I learned about the many benefits of having dual citizenship when entering the working world. The extensive perks of having dual citizenship allow one to legally work, reside, and study in Italy as well as the other 24 countries in the European Union. Since we are currently living in the digital age, having dual citizenship allows one to find a remote job that could enable them to work from various countries around the world. The experience of having the flexibility to work abroad gives one the opportunity to experience a diverse work lifestyle as well as the ability to take part in learning new languages and gaining new global perspectives about the world.

Another important factor is that dual citizenship holders have the opportunity to expand both personally and professionally. Many young American dual citizenship holders decide to move to Italy to experience a new way of life that allows them a pathway to create a new foundation for themselves. When becoming a dual citizen, young adults have unrestricted ability to buy property in Italy and access to public medical care and quality public education. The benefits of having dual citizenship when having a fresh start in a new country will allow young adults to have a smooth and secure transition if they are already dual citizens.


Dual citizenship holders enjoy the major benefit of leading a flexible lifestyle. With an Italian passport, individuals can easily relocate to a new city or country within the E.U. or travel between the U.S. and Italy. This flexibility also extends to professional travel, making travel times between the U.S. and Italy easier. Another advantage of young adults having dual citizenship is that they can automatically pass on their citizenship to all children under 18 when they start a family, and this right can be transferred to future generations.

Reconnecting with One’s Roots
In my personal experience, I find that learning about one’s family history is an incredibly enriching and rewarding aspect of the process of obtaining Italian dual citizenship. From the start of the process, individuals are immersed in a wealth of knowledge that may have otherwise been lost over the passing of generations, granting them a profound insight into the lives and legacies of their ancestors. This endeavor not only deepens their appreciation for their familial roots but also creates a stronger connection to their heritage. Many embark on the journey of acquiring citizenship to pay homage to their predecessors’ sacrifice and determination when they first ventured abroad in pursuit of a better future. Dual citizens are presented with a unique opportunity to honor and give back to the homeland of their ancestors while developing a profound sense of belonging and tribute to their ancestral country.

If you’re interested in the numerous benefits of obtaining Italian dual citizenship and want to embark on this enriching journey, don’t wait any longer.

Call us today at (312) 796-9970 or schedule a free call with our experts. Let ICAP guide you through every step of the process, helping you unlock new opportunities and reconnect with your heritage. Your path to Italian dual citizenship starts here—reach out to us now and take the first step towards a brighter, more connected future.