Delicious (and healthy) eating in Italy!

They probably did not tell you at your Italian Consulate appointment that living in Italy is good for your health! Italians currently have the highest life expectancy in Europe and on average live 3 years longer than Americans. The good health and longevity of Italians can be attributed to several factors starting with the healthy diet that Italians consume. The average Italian diet is much more than pasta and pizza, it is rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, whole grains, legumes, healthy doses of good red wine, and a host of natural spices rich in disease fighting antioxidants.

In addition to the healthy diet, the sunny climate of central and southern Italy is very beneficial to older adults who are prone to arthritis, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Finally, Italy has a slower pace of life which reduces stress and the associated health problems.

There are hundreds of ways to enjoy your time in Italy

As an Italian citizen residing in Italy, if become ill you can rely on the country’s excellent health care system to help you in your recovery. Italy’s state-run health care system is considered to be among the most adequate in Europe. The Italian national medical system is managed by the Servicio Sanitario Nacional (SSN). The Tessera Sanitaria (healthcare card) is issued to Italian citizens and is used each time that the citizen goes to the doctor buys medicine in a pharmacy (farmacia) or books an examination at a lab. To get in for medical care quickly when dealing with complex illnesses or procedures, some Italians purchase supplemental health insurance which enables them to get private medical care. This is similar to senior citizens in the US who elect a health insurance carrier in addition to Medicare. The cost of supplemental coverage is quite affordable.

Italy has a well-rated health care system for Italian Citizens: one of the best in Europe!

These are just a few reasons why obtaining dual citizenship with Italy and living there are good for your health and longevity!

Healthcare for Italian Citizens