Hot Homemade Pepperoni Pizza Here we are with another post, this time dedicated to food (incidentally, the theme of EXPO, open now until October 31, 2015 in Milan).

Students ask many questions about linguistics, culture, and food: two most common questions from American students are appropriately about food: “How come in Italian pizzeria I get a pizza with vegetables when I order a pepperoni pizza?” and, “Why can’t I find Neapolitan ice cream in a gelateria?”

The answers are simple. Pepperoni pizza comes from the Italian noun peperone, pepper, while Neapolitan ice cream comes from a long time ago, when an Italian emigrant in the US, Spumone of Naples, introduced a new type of ice cream with three flavors (usually chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry). So be careful in Italy when you order at an ice cream or pizza place!

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Pepperoni pizza and Neapolitan ice cream