Our top-quality Italian translations have been accepted at all Italian Consulates in the US and the Italian Embassy in Washington DC, the High Court of Rome, the Italian City Halls of Milan, Florence, Brescia and Rionero in Vulture, and the Italian Consulates in Singapore, Brussels, and London. Our Italian translation services include:

  • Italian Translation of Birth, Marriage, Death, Divorce Records, and other Legal Documents (if required)
  • Word for Word Translation of the original documents
  • Translations completed and proofread by native speakers of Italian with graduate degrees from Italian universities
  • Confidential treatment of all documents
  • Reasonable rates and timely completion

Standard Fees: $65.00 per page birth/marriage/criminal background checks; $75.00 per death certificate; $70.00 per page divorce records

Due to the unique nature of each case, for records not obtained by our office we must first conduct a document analysis to confirm that all required documents are obtained, and that each record is in the format as required by the Italian government and for US Apostille authentication.

Document Analysis Fee For Records Not Obtained By ICAP:  $500. The analysis includes a written summary of the results. If the documents are found to be in proper format as needed for the Italian citizenship application then an itemized invoice is prepared for translation.

To submit a request for document analysis, please complete the form below.

Submission Example: if you are applying through your grandparent list yourself as the client, your parent as Ascendant 1, and your grandparent as Ascendant 2. You may not require the fields for additional ascendants (extra fields are provided for those applying through multiple generations)

Upon submitting the form you will then receive a business Pay Pal invoice via e-mail from our office (typically within 1-2 business days) and instructions for submitting the documents for analysis in PDF format, or mailing instructions if you are unable to submit them in PDF.

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