Ferragosto, a unique festivity!

Ferragosto, a unique festivity!

The Italian word “Ferragosto”, in other languages, doesn’t have a literal translation. It’s useless typing it on a common translator or looking for its brief definition on the most modern encyclopedias. Ferragosto can only be told!

Surely, the synonyms that more suit this untranslatable word are relax, leisure and vacation! Ferragosto is indeed the mid-summer festivity celebrated in Italy and in the small Republic of San Marino that occurs August 15th.

The Feast of St. Donatus of Ripacandida

San Donato ICAP

In 1897 the city of Blue Island, Illinois saw its first Italian immigrants from the region of Lucania now known as Basilicata (immigrants from the towns of Ripacandida, Potenza, Melfi, Avigliano.) In 1905 with only 43 Italian people from Basilicata, the Blue Island Society of San Donato began; San Donato is the patron saint of Ripacandida. In 1907 some of the members traveled to Altoona, Pennsylvania, where several people from Basilicata had immigrated.