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Apply for Italian citizenship directly in Legnano, Italy

Welcome to Legnano! Legnano is an Italian city and Comune in the north-westernmost part of the Province of Milan. Conveniently located about 12 miles from central Milan and is easily accessible by bus or train from Milan. With 60, 250 residents it is the thirteenth-most populous township in the region of Lombardia. Legnano is located in the Alto Milanese and is crossed by the Olona river. The history of Legnano and its municipal area has been traced back to the 1st millennium BC via archaeological evidence. Already in remote times, in fact, the hills that line the Olona proved to be habitable places. The town was established in 1261.

The piazza of Legnano is filled with many shops, bars, restaurants, gelaterie, and the beautiful cathedral of San Magno. The highlight is a series of wall frescos of 16th century North Italian painter Bernardino Luini and his contemporary Bernardino Lanino. The visit of this San Magno is a must for anyone interested in 16th century architecture and figurative art.

If you hang out in Legnano during the day, it will probably be a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle compared to the city of Milano. As soon as 5 pm hits, that all changes, as locals flock to the area’s lively bars, which are part of the city’s after-work aperitivo culture. Order a drink and a small pre-dinner snack and sit back and relax, this is how the Legnanesi unwind after work! Later on you can enjoy a wonderful meal at one of he many fine restaurants found within the piazza or it’s adjacent side streets.

Given its close proximity to Milan, staying in Legnano allows you easy access to the city with all of its beautiful attractions and high-end shopping opportunities. From Milano, you can easily access public transportation to visit the nearby Lakes – Como, Garda, and Maggiore and their quaint surrounding towns and villages.

For those establishing residence in Legnano to apply for Italian citizenship by descent, the Town Hall is conveniently located adjacent to the main piazza and a five-minute walk from your ICAP apartment. There you will find an efficient government office with experience in processing the citizenship applicants and welcoming of our ICAP clients.  Given the city’s population your application is processed much quicker then if you were applying in a large city such as Milano. You will leave Legnano with your Italian citizenship!

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Stay in Legnano, Italy While Applying for Italian Citizenship