Consultation for Italian citizenship by descent and through marriage

Italian citizenship by descent:  This 30-minute initial phone consultation allows you to have an opportunity to discuss your eligibility and the specific application requirements for the Italian Consulate jurisdiction in which you reside. We will guide you through the steps for obtaining the documents and translations that are needed for your Italian citizenship application and can also offer you an estimate for our Full-Service Package. Discounts are available for individuals who place an order within 7 days of the phone consultation.

The following information is helpful, but not mandatory, for you to have for your phone consultation:

  • The first and last name of your Italian ancestor, year and place of birth in Italy, place of residence in the US
  • Any information or documents that you already have pertaining to your Italian ancestor
  • Information regarding your ancestor’s naturalization
  • The names of each direct line descendant from the Italian ancestor down to you

Italian citizenship by descent through a female ancestor requiring court case:  During this 30 minute consultation we will review your specific situation and whether you qualify for the path to citizenship “via materna.” We will advise you regarding the specific documents required for the Court Case and discuss the services that we provide specific to help prepare your case.  The estimated time frame and costs of our services and the legal fees and services of our affiliate Italian Law Firm will also be provided.

The following information is helpful, but not mandatory, for you to have for your phone consultation:

  • The name, place of, and date of birth of the Italian ancestor(s) and of each direct line descendant from the Italian ancestor down to you
  • Your relationship to the female Italian ancestor
  • Information pertaining to naturalization of Italian ancestor(s)

Italian Citizenship by marriage: This 30 minute consultation provides you with complete information regarding for Italian citizenship through marriage. We will review documents required, including marriage certificate from Italy, criminal background checks, translations (including consulates that require legalization of translations), submitting the application to the Ministry of Affairs online for the initial review, and personal appearance with documents at the Italian Consulate. We are also able to prepare a quote based on the services that you need.

The following information is needed at the time of your appointment:

  • Consulate at which the Italian spouse is registered with current address
  • Town in Italy where the marriage took place or was registered if married abroad
  • City and State of birth and States that the non-Italian spouse has resided in since age 14
  • List of documents that you already have

The consultation fee for both Italian citizenship by descent, including via materna,  and Italian citizenship by marriage is $80.00. Summaries are provided via email following the consultation.

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Please note that we are not part of the Italian Government and guidance provided during consultation is informational based on the public guidelines of the Italian Consulates and the feedback they have provided us, and our success in assisting clients prepare their applications.  All final decisions regarding applications for Italian citizenship are made by the Italian Government. Refunds are not issued for cancelled or missed appointments.